North Coast Angler Fishing Report

May 13, 2005

Mr. Kurt Wicks of Bedford, N.H.

The Shad fishing at Rocks village in W. Newbury has improved over the last week. The river is back to normal flows and the water temperature has risen to the mid to high 50ís.The result has increased the numbers of fish coming in from the colder ocean water and has caused the shad to become far more aggressive in their response to take a well presented fly or dart. The fish are now into their mid- spring pattern of moving into the deeper water,8 to 10 feet, and holding further out into the rivers main current. This results in a greater area to fish and for the fishing in general to be more predictable. I had the opportunity this past Friday evening to guide Mr. Kurt Wicks of Bedford, N.H, on his first attempt to take a shad on the fly. Kurt managed to boat several nice fish and hook and long distance release half a dozen others. We had an excellent evening on the water. The shad fishing in the Rocks Village area will continue to improve over the next several weeks with both the morning and evening tides producing fish. Now is the time to book a trip for these wonderful fish or to try it on your own. The tide at Rocks Village is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours later than that of Newburyport Harbor. Best time to start fishing is at the top of the tide right through to low water .Remember to change position to stay in the proper depth range and change lines or modify your fly or dart presentation appropriately. Work your fly as deep and as slow as possible without hanging bottom excessively. When changing position; please be courteous of your fellow anglers and try not to place yourself in a position as to negatively affect their fishing. On another note, there were several 20 to 24 inch stripers taken from the bank on bait. Rumor has it that the schoolies are in the lower and mid river with some large fish beginning to show at the Lawrence Dam; good fishing.

Captain Al Montello

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