North Coast Angler Fishing Report

June 17, 2005

In last week's report I stated that the fishing would get better, and if you got to spend some quality time with your fishing rod this past week, you know Iím right! Our charter guides enjoyed watching their clients catch all sorts of stripers over last weekend. Fish were taken on flies, top water plugs, soft plastics and the reliable Sea Worm!

The weather was something to behold this week. Monday afternoon we were sweltering in 90 degree heat, the river water climbed to an unbelievable 80 degrees, but the fishing was even HOTTER! We hooked lots of fish on both the incoming and outgoing tides. The inside of Woodbridge Island fished great 2 hours from high to about an hour after. The entire Joppa flat was teaming with fish. Everyone out there was catching fish.

But you know what they say about N.E. weather, wait a minute and it will change, and so it did. Back to strong northeast winds and air temperature in the low 50ís and water temperature retreating to the upper 60ís. Fishing was real challenging on Wednesday morning for Captain Dave Beshara and me, winds were whipping in at about 20-25 mph from the NNE, and the river was white and choppy. Trying to cast a fly into that kind wind is like shoveling you know what into the surf! The anglers using conventional light tackle gear really had the advantage that day. Lots of good sized stripers, upwards of 40 inches, were landed. We decided to bag it early and enjoyed a good breakfast at Kathy Annís.

On Thursday, Captain Allan Smith and I fished the outgoing tide with great success. We fished with flies, top water plugs and soft plastics. We collectively hooked and landed many keeper sized fish on each of the tackle options. Captain Al Montello was fishing with two guests and enjoyed great fishing as well. Look for the fishing to continue being superb over the next few weeks. Larger fish, in the 20-30 pound class, are mixed in with the school.

Be careful on the river, the number of boats out there fishing is growing huge.

Captín Skip

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Captain Skip Montello

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