North Coast Angler Fishing Report

July 22, 2005

Cape Ann Report
We are now getting into the mid-summer pattern. There are significant numbers of stripers and bluefish just about everywhere along the coast, in the bay and offshore. Captain Allan Smith reported large schools of bluefish as much as 5 miles east of Sraitsmouth. He has also indicated that the large bluefin haven’t shown up in any numbers as yet. He does expect this situation to change over the next week or so. The offshore water temperatures are running about normal for this time of summer (65-71°F) and good numbers of baitfish have been seen. The mid-summer pattern basically means the fish are becoming increasingly skittish and selective in their feeding patterns. This situation was most apparent on two different outings this past week. Although we managed to catch a good number of stripers and blues, we had to work that much harder and vary our techniques continuously to get hook-ups.

The bluefish are particularly thick from the “flatground” all the way to Halibut Point. We found pod after pod of bluefish swimming just under the surface. We were able to hook them with top water poppers, swimming plugs, cast or trolled, and the “tube n worm” combo. The fish ranged in size from 7 pounds to about 10. But again, considering the numbers of fish we saw to the number we hooked, the fish were very wary. Most of the Blues were belly full with small herring and peanut bunker.

The stripers are present in good numbers and running from 20” to 35”. The bigger stripers are still being caught in the deep water off the Gloucester breakwater (and so are large numbers of “dogs”!). We managed quite a few stripers last weekend, all on flies. During the course of the week we fished light tackle soft plastics and had good action on smaller fish. During this mid-summer pattern, try and fish the sunrise and the sundown times. The lower light level will help get the fish to your offering.

Capt. Skip Montello

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Captain Skip Montello

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