North Coast Angler Fishing Report

September 6, 2005

Cape Ann Report

Another great week! I can only say that despite a couple of windy days, this week has been another fantastic week. There are still good numbers of tuna off of Cape Ann. The bluefish are hammering the peanut bunker, and bigger bass are quickly showing up in greater numbers. The schools of bait this week were staggering in their size and concentration. If you haven't yet been out this season, now is the time. It can only go down hill from here. Go fishing now!

Tight lines, Capt. Allan Smith, 508-523-1977

We are now beginning the fall blitz. Stripers, Blues and Bluefin !!!! Cape Ann is alive with fish and now is the time to get out there with us.

Captains Al Montello and Dave Beshara teamed up last week and each boated good sized tuna.

As for me, I had several good shots but did not land a tuna….I did at least hook one on the fly with my 10 wt. The fish threw the hook early before a battle could have been fought! Just wait till next week!

The baits were using consists mostly of Yo-Zuri Hydro Poppers and Ocean Lures “wounded bunker” plug. The flies I tied were designed to mimic spike mackerel and peanut bunker.

We expect the fall blitz to continue throughout September and beyond.

Capt. Skip Montello

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Captain Skip Montello

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