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May 1, 2010
Welcome All to the new season of local fishing reports. And since it’s early, we don’t have a lot to report about stripers on the north shore…except for a few holdover reports. But we have heard good reports of stripers moving into Cape Cod waters with fish in the canal and off of Chatham.

The local ponds and streams have been stocked and most reports are good with trout ranging up to 14” and a few brood salmon have also been reported.

The good news right now is the shad run has begun at the Merrimack with fair numbers being caught at Rocks Village and at the dance studio in N. Andover. We’ll get out this weekend and find out first hand what’s happening. For those who enjoy shad fishing at Rocks Village, a bunch of shad fisherman are meeting up Saturday, May 1, to do a “clean-up” of the general area adjacent to the river. This is a very good gesture to the local residents and goes along way to help us maintain some parking along the road there. So lend a hand if you have time!

By all reliable indications, this striper season will be less than stellar since the spawn cycle remains well below average. Our state and other east coast states haven’t taken any steps NOW to preserve OUR future stripers, it’ll be up to us to do more catch and release than we ever have before; take one instead of the two that is allowed. And for those anglers who remember the massive decline back in the 80’s and early 90’s know all too well how bad that was; let’s try and manage our kill numbers before it’s becomes too late. I hope that the data is lying and that we see a better season than we did last year. We’ll soon know.

Friday afternoon at Rocks Village. Several others were taken by other anglers on shore and from boats.

Just in!
Contrary to my report above, I have received reports today that some schoolies are infact showing up in area estuaries. Several anglers reported taking schoolies at the Merrimack, upstream at the chain bridge.

Capt Skip Montello

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