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May 7, 2010
The new season is up and running with shad in the Merrimack and schoolies in the estuaries from Cape Ann north to the Essex and Merrimack. Ive also spoke with a few guys who have taken some stripers at Plum Island Beach, especially early morning.

Both Steve P and I have taken a couple dozen stripers this past week (especially early in the week) at the Candy House. I have taken all of my bass, including a 29 inch fish on flies, fished deep (watch video below). Steve has taken fish on an assortment of metals and swimmers. A few others guys did well using weighted soft plastics. The bite however, slowed up the past two days. This is not unusual this time of season, things could heat up real quick; so you wont know if you dont go!

The shad fishing is somewhat slower than expected since the initial push of fish a week ago at Rocks Village. Over the past week, the shad anglers are catching a fair number of bucks and hens up at the Stone Dam and downstream a mile behind the dance studio off Sutton Ave. My brother tells me that Rocks Village was poor all week, but that could change at anytime. So far, this season is reminiscent of last season; a slow beginning with a big push at the end of May into early June. Well keep hitting it a few times next week and throughout the month and hopefully Ill get a few reports from John Lewis and Joe Welch.

Best bets for stripers this w/e will be in estuaries of the Annisquam, Essex/Castle Neck and upriver on the Merrimack (Deer Island area). And for shad, the Stone Dam and dance studio; fish early morning for best results!

Angler Steve Jean with a chunky 25" schoolie taken at the Candy House

Skip and Jim Quill (TRL Fishing Co.) with a couple of bucks at the Stone Dam

Capt Skip Montello

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