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May 28, 2010
The backwater striper action in and around Cape Ann slowed somewhat as the week progressed and the ocean side action picked along the area beaches and rock fronts. The warmer than average temps are warming the area water more quickly than expected and as such, expect to find more stripers feeding along the shore. I received a report of some bigger stripers taken at Halibut Point plugging at dawn. Steve has found good numbers of mixed sized stripers at various locations within Gloucester Harbor and most being taken with topwaters. Look for good striper action along the Gloucester inner harbor beaches and along the shallower ocean beach fronts from Manchester to Essex.

The real super striper action this past week was up the Merrimack. Huge schools of mixed sized stripers invaded the river at the beginning of the week and moved upriver in pursuit of the abundant bait (alewife, sandeels etc.). We had our best action upriver between the Chain Bridge and RT.1. The stripers were hammering sandeels and pushing the bait to the surface. All of our action was with flies and un-weighed white Slug-Go's fished at or just below the surface. Over the course of three days, we landed nearly 100 stripers, 15 from 28 to 40 inches

Wednesday I had the father- son team of Rick and Andrew aboard (a 40th birthday gift from Andrews wife Joanne) for one of the best striper fishing days ever. Both Rick and Andrew landed better than 20 stripers each with a personal largest for each angler; a solid 40 incher for Andrew and 35 incher for Rick.

Look for the super action to continue for awhile with the only problem being locating them. I expect the stripers to be spread out from the mouth all the way to Lawrence.

NE Saltwater Flyrodders out with Skip and Steve at Candy House

Andrew (his 40th BD with a 40 incher!) and Rick, father and son, with there biggest stripers ever!

Skip with nice 37 inch striper

Capt Skip Montello

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