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June 11, 2010
Cape Ann
Not a lot of change from last week with area beaches giving up a few stripers here and there. Some larger keepers have begun to show at the groaner with chunks and live macks. Mike Ward reported the following for the Cape Ann area; Apparently, there is still life in the Little River (Candy House). I waded in @ 1030am Saturday or so, mid tide, as the rock pile revealed itself. Nobody else was around, with storm cells forecast to move through the area all day. I was rigged exclusively with top water stuff, both fly and spinning (I've learned that you can leave one rod on the pile and switch off as conditions/results warrant). But I wasn't expecting much, as it was mid-morning, winds from the east, and overcast. Proceeded to catch 2 stripers in the 16-20" range on a crease fly within a few minutes. Worked the bar up and down, then switched over to a small Atom popper on the spinning rod. Quickly landed a 30" bluefish (huh?), then another 20" stripper toward low tide (1230-ish). That's the first bluefish of any kind I've ever landed in the LR. It fought like hell, and until it came close enough for me to ID, I thought I was into a monster stripper. Oh well...

I continue to prospect the rocks around Lane's Cove (home waters) with no results. So until the water warms and things pick up there, I'll be hanging around LR to keep in practice.

Thanks Mike!

Merrimack River Plum Island
Sometime near the end of last week, lot's of mixed sized stripers invaded the estuary with stripers as large as 50+ inches! Capt Al Montello absolutely crushed them over last weekend with as many as 30 keepers landed. The largest was 45 inches but had several others around 40 inches as well.

Not to be out done, Joe W. and fishing partner Bobby enjoyed a banner night on Joppa fishing eels boating a dozen fish over 39" with a half dozen or so over 42"; largest was 43"; measured a seriously fat 46" fish (close to 40 pounds) at the ramp in another boat. Thanks Joe!

I spent Monday-Wednesday fishing the dropping tide out on Joppa as well. We had 3 super days landing and releasing better than 20 keepers from 28 to 43 inches on flies and white Slug-Go's. The flats were alive with stripers from the top of the tide right through to the next high tide. Stripers could be observed cruising the flat on the rising tide. But they weren't always eating and at times simply had lock jaw. Monday they ate flies more than Slug-Go's but the reverse was true on Tuesday and then back on flies on Wednesday (strange but true). However, the guys drifting live macks on Joppa out-did everyone with rods bent every time I looked up! Some serious action out there all week. And these stripers are fresh into the river since most were still covered in sea lice, so my guess is the "drop back stripers" eating alewife and river herring up river have yet to drop back. WOW! But all good things are not so good; 50% of our catch were better than 28" while fewer than 15% were 16-22 inches, the remaining percentage were 22-27 inches. Just a concern about the low numbers of small stripers; a reflection of the recent poor spawn cycles. We should all practice more catch and release and only take what we will personally use and not what you think a neighbor will take off your hands. These stripers are our collective fishing futures.

Paul D with Capt Al

Joe W and Bobby

Jona R with a nice 37" fly caught striper

Todd H. with several stripers up to 43", all white slug-go caught (he is a slug-go master!)

Capt Skip out with Brian O'C

Capt Skip Montello

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