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June 25, 2010
Cape Ann
The overall striper action remains slow inshore. A few live mack anglers are taking a few large stripers here and there, but no real bust out of numbers anywhere. A large school of spike macks has been observed along the Gloucester back shore but that's all that was observed. I have not heard of any blues anywhere close by but I do expect them anytime now.

Merrimack River Plum Island
Same goes for the Merrimack; slow, slow and slower in spite of good numbers of mixed sized stripers. There is so much bait (sandeels) in the river and outside at the mouth and beaches, that the stripers are completely satiated and as such are being overly finicky when presented a fly or other artificial. Even the live mack guys are taking far fewer "keeper" sized stripers of late than just 10 days ago. We spent several days last week fishing inside and outside with just a few schoolie stripers per outing. However, we observed countless follows and experienced numerous short takes with flies or other baits. The anchored up chunkers were taking a fair number of fish but not as many as might be expected.

The main exception to the slow daytime fishing is the very hot nightime action out on the flats. Joe W. and fishing buddies did quite well last week landing many good sized stripers incuding Joe's personal best 45+ incher! It appears that we are heading into the mid-summer striper pattern of slow days and hot nights albeit a bit early in the season. And be advised that the boat traffic out at the mouth is huge and sometimes crazy with party boats drifting the mouth too!

I'll be moving the boat to Cape Ann next week and hope to get a good picture of the striper action in that area. Capt Al and Joe W will be providing their updates for the Merrimack.

Anthony C with his first striper!

Joe W and Brian F holding their prizes!

Capt Skip Montello

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