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July 23, 2010
Cape Ann
The overall fishing around the cape continues on the slow side for sure, even with live bait and slower still with other tackle options. We worked hard and traveled more than usual to find a few feeding fish to toss a bait at.

Porter B. did well chumming and chunking cut bait last week over by Annisquam and the commercial gang are getting their fair share out in the deep water a few miles off Halibut and at the groaner off the Gloucester.

Many of the shore guys are starting to get a more reliable bluefish as of this week over at Andrews and Halibut Points and down coast along the back shore. The best bite seems to be at daybreak.

We still have good numbers of small macks and Pollock available at least for now until more blues come calling.

Best bet this w/e is live lining macks or Pollock inshore or chumming and chunking cut bait offshore.

Merrimack River Plum Island
The Merrimack is in a full swing summer pattern on the flats and out front at the mouth and along the beachfront. Capt Al has observed large numbers of stripers every morning (before sunrise) this week on the flats but he worked hard (100 casts per single fish)to get even a few to take his fly offering. Joe W. (as did several other regulars) have at least one or more good night this past week on the flats towing live eels. The tube-n-worm guys are also starting to hammer them as well trolling along the channel edges on the falling tide. There appears to be a worm hatch happening as well. The river mouth is also picking up with good numbers of blues feasting on the abundant sandeels.

Father and daughter Tim and Anne and their best of the day stripers

Short Video Clip

Capt Skip Montello

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