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Aug. 15, 2010
Fishing Report
Sorry for the delayed report...we were busy catching bass and blues all week. Overall the week fished quite well with a mixed bag of stripers and blues, and some good sized blues at that. The best fishing occurred from false dawn through about 8 in the morning. From that time on we had to work especially hard with a bright sun overhead for a few more bass and blues the remainder of the day. All of our fish were taken using either a 7" white Slug-Go's or a bone colored Jumping Minnow. Most of the blues were taken at Milk Island, while a few others were taken off Crane Beach about a 1/2 mile from the shore. The blues were not blitzing, so finding them took a bit of effort and luck since the only way to detect them was through observing very subtle surface disturbances on the glassy water.

On Friday we decided to catch some bait (Pollock) and slow troll tight to shore and at reef structure in an effort to coax out some bigger stripers. And Dan had an amazing time hooking up more than his fair share of keeper sized bass including his personal best 40 incher.

Last week we had a solid push of the largest stripers of the season in and around many shoreline locations in Rockport and Gloucester, but they moved on with the bait as the school tuna departed for offshore locations. We also know that large numbers of bass were taken by the comm guys trolling live bait by day along the Crane beachfront and by night, with eels at the Parker River. Also in that mix of big stripers was an amazing 60+ pounder caught by the veteran angler Bill Kendrick, congrats Bill!

The Merrimack flats certainly had stripers on them, but they would not eat during the daylight. Joe W. managed one really hard fighting 20+ pounder while slow trolling an eel at tide top on the flats.

Marty and Andrew with their best ever stripers

Matt and Andrew with two nice blues

Kevin and Jon with their great big Miracle blues(only they know why) !

Dan with his best ever stripers and blue

I expect more the same for the next few weeks (at least) as we begin to approach the beginning of the fall run in September.

Capt Skip Montello

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