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Sept. 17 ,2010
The shore fishing continued good through last weekend and into Monday with a mix of keeper sized stripers up to 45 inches and also some sporadic blues mixed in.

The good weekend bite shut down a bit through Tuesday and Wednesday, at least along the back shore, but picked nicely at Back and Front Beaches in Sandy Bay. I enjoyed catching several nice stripers Tuesday and Wednesday morning tossing flies at busting bass and blues. The bass and blues corralled the baitfish (small herring?) tight against the beach and abutting rocks. The bite lasted an hour or so and I was able to capture one short vid (see below).

The shore bite picked up nicely again on Friday morning. Rainbow pencils were the ticket from just before dawn until an hour or so after. The yellow and white pencils also accounted for a few nice stripers as well. The bite consisted of pods of 40+ inch stripers mixed with pods of stripers in the 26-32 inch range. Everyone had a bent rod!

The surf was rough today and is predicted to get rougher over the weekend so if you head out to the rocks, be aware and prepared! Don't overlook the beach areas from Rockport to inside Gloucester Harbor...lot's of baitfish inside!

Click Here for short video

Capt Skip Montello

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