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Oct. 1,2010
The strange fall pattern on Cape Ann continued again this past week. Good action one day and slow to zip the next. When the bite was on, it was great with mixed sized bass and blues eating whatever we threw at them from topwater pencils to bait patterned flies. We finally observed a school of baitfish just off Good Harbor with birds, blues and bass eating up. That was Tuesday and we haven't seen any bait since, nor many bass or blues since then. The same scenario has been playing out up at the Merrimack as well.

However, Capt Al went back to his roots and spent a few nights drifting the flats with eels and managed to put his client, Lance R. on several nice stripers. Although they only brought one fish aboard, it was a super 40.5 pound brute and the largest striper that Lance had the good fortune to land. Al went out the following night and landed 4 other stripers, the largest weighing in at 35 pounds.

I fully expect the current fall run to continue well into October since we have had good reports of substantial numbers of stripers and blues up the coast in Maine and NH. Also lot's of baitfish moving south, so next week ought to produce some solid fishing if the bait moves down and along the coast. Now is the time to get out onto the beaches, boats and rocks!

Lance R. with his 40 pounder!

Porter with one of several 42 inchers he landed last week and Walter with his big 44 incher!

Capt Skip Montello

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