On the Water and Shoreline

Captain Skip Montello (USCG licensed and certfied IGFA captain) Captain Skip Montello charters and fishes from Cape Ann to the Merrimack River (www.northcoastangler.com). Skip is a passionate fly and light tackle angling professional with a lifetime of experience fishing New England waters for stripers, blues and bluefin tuna. He has also fished the Florida Keys for tarpon, the Great Lakes tribs for salmon and steelhead, Alaska,Argentina Jurassic Lake, Newfoundland,British Columbia for salmon and trout. Skip recently accepted responsibility to direct the long running “Fish On” seminar series for the Memorial Hall Library in Andover MA. He is frequently called upon to present local angling and fly tying seminars for various fishing clubs and other organizations.
Before becoming a full time guide, he enjoyed a successful science and engineering career at the Polaroid Corporation.
Captain Al Montello (USCG licensed) is an expert fly and light tackle angling professional.Al has operated Anglers Experience charter service for a number of years and has earned the respect of many a client.He has done a fishing video for a local PBS and is frequently called upon to do fly fishing seminars at many anglers clubs. He is considered by many as the local authority on flyfishing tactics for American Shad. Al is also well traveled in his angling adventures, having fished many of the famous western rivers and the Great Lakes tribs. Al is well known for his fly tying skills and creativity. Before becoming a full time guide, he enjoyed a successful career as a chemical engineer.
Stephen Papows Shoreline Guide/Surfcasting Instructor. Looking back, I can't honestly remember a time when I didn't fish. I grew up within walking distance of a small brackish pond that bordered the ocean. Here is where I spent most of my early fishing days. Later,life guarding on a local beach, I witnessed my first "blitz" ever. My friend hooked and landed the first blue fish I had ever seen. As it swam in the third wave off the beach front, backlit by a setting sun, I knew I was forever hooked on wading the surf. I remained there until almost dark; watching the sea foam that was more intricate than any bridal veil, ride up and over the gentle swells. Seemingly, that took place only yesterday; I realize now, that more than thirty years have passed. About fifteen years ago, I started presenting seminars to teach people about the sport that I love. I have never had the patience for bait fishing so my lectures consist mainly of catching fish on artificial presentations. There is something about the strategy of fooling a fish with a plug that I really enjoy! People should know that large stripers can be taken from shore without the use of a boat or its electronics. There's something about being in the water, level with the fish. To me, wading is the "essence" of fishing the surf. This season I took my second fifty pound plus striper from the surf. The fact that I took it on a plug made it all the more rewarding for me. I also took first place in the Rivers Edge North Shore Scholarship Fund Catch and Release Tournament.