Fly Tying Index
With fishing season rapidily approaching it is time to get the fly tying stuff out and get started re-building your stock of flies.
The fly tying index displays my favorite flies with instructions on how to tie them. Just click on the image to view the recipe.

The Green Trickster (click image)The Trickster-Pogie (click image)
The Toad (click image)RV Shad Fly (click image)
The Trickster Sand-Eel (click image)The Joppa All-Syn (click image)
Monty's Pretender (click image)Green Back Shiner (click image)
Skip's Spike-mack (click image)Cape Ann Baitfish (click image)
Cluster Eggs (click image)Skip's Shrimp (click image)
Furry Bugger (click image)Black Trickster (click image)

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