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Furry Bugger
Skip’s “Furry Bugger” is a super fish catching imitator for crawdad’s, leeches and tadpoles. The pattern provides a very life-like food source for trout, salmon and many other freshwater gamefish as well. The fly can be dead drifted, stripped or trolled in ponds and streams. It lends itself well to available forage in most watersheds and can be upsized (for saltwater) or downsized and color changed to suit target species. The marabou tail and the cross-cut bunny fur provide exceptional undulation when moved through the water column; a motion that most gamefish cannot resist.

Materials and Recipe
Hook: Mustad 3665A, size 8, long shank
Thread: 4/0 black
Keel: .030 dia. Lead wire, tied on shank
Wing/body: Cross-cut bunny fur, black
Eye: Med. Fluorescent chartreuse or other color bead chain
Body: small diameter black Antron yarn or other black yarn
Tail: Blood Quill black marabou
Glue: Head cement or crazy glue
Step 1
The pattern is tied as standard wet fly, starting just forward of the hook bend. Cut a length of lead wire as seen below (from just in front of the point to just short of eye) and attach to the bottom of the shank with several wraps of thread, finishing at hook point. The lead wire keel adds weight and tracking stability to prevent the fly from spinning when stripped.
Step 2
Next, tie in 3 separate black marabou quills, one each along the lateral sides of the shank and a third quill tied in atop the shank. Finish the tail by tying in several strands of Krystal Flash on each side of the tail. The flash improves the overall visibility of the pattern.
Step 3
Next, tie in a 6 inch long piece of yarn at the tail and wrap forward and back again over itself, fully covering the lead keel, and tie off at the tail.
Step 4
Next, tie in a pair of chartreuse bead chain eyes beneath the hook shank and ~ 3/16 of an inch behind the hook eye and secure with several figure 8 wraps until the eyes are firmly in place and parallel to the hook shank. Next tie in a 3 inch long piece of x-cut bunny at the tail. Be sure that the fur nap is facing toward the tail and Palmer forward to just behind the bead eyes, trim excess and make several wraps until the fur is well secured. Move bobbin forward to the hook eye and whip or knot finish; add a few drops of glue to complete.
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