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"Green Back (Golden) Shiner"
Typical Golden Shiner, usually found in Cape Ann Marshes
The Green Back Shiner fly was designed to imitate the small Golden Shiners found in the back water marshes of Cape Ann and many of the local river estuaries. These shiners actually appear greener rather than golden and therefore, the chartreuse green color choice for this pattern. The pattern can be tied to lengths from 3-6 long and is especially effective early in the season.
Materials and Recipe
Hook: Aki Saltwater 5370, 2/0
Thread: 6/0 Gudebrod monofilament
Body: Bucktail, 2 colors; white and chartreuse
Flash: Krystal Flash, chartreuse and peacock
Head: E-Z body clear pearl, medium
Eyes: Stick-on silver/black, 5/32 dia.
Glue: Crazy glue or Zap-a-Gap
Step 1
The pattern is tied as standard streamer, starting a 5/8 in back of the hook eye. Take several wraps of 6/0 monofilament and fix to the hook shank with glue. This is an important step to insure that the fly head, when completed, is securely attached to the hook shank (a small amount of glue is added after each material is tied in).

Start the fly by tying in (three) ~3/16 round clumps of white bucktail, 4 inches long, one on each mid-line and one on top of the hook shank. Be sure to flare out the top clump with your finger and secure with several wraps of mono, add a small drop of glue.

Step 2
Next, tie in 10-15 strands of chartreuse Krystal flash 4 long. Follow with a 3/16 round clump of chartreuse bucktail, take several loose wraps, flare it out, and take several tighter wraps and secure with glue. Next, tie in 15-20 strands of Peacock Krystal flash, flare it, and secure. Be sure to bring the full length of flash all the way to the hook eye.
Step 3
Next, tie off and cut the mono and add a drop of glue. Cut a long length of E-Z body tube and slip it over the head of the fly. With your bodkin, pull the strands (trailing end) of tube mesh back about 3/16 to form a curly flare. Re-attach the mono thread and secure the E-Z body tube and add a drop of glue. Complete the fly with the addition of small diameter silver/black stick on eyes and finish with epoxy. It is a relatively easy fly to tie and is a proven fish catcher!
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