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Skip's Shrimp
Captain Skip Montello's Shrimp Fly is designed to imitate a variety of small shrimp and krill that are known to be an important part of the American Shad’s food source. The North Atlantic krill can be brightly colored with reds and greens and can readily color adapt. The adult krill range in size up to 6cm (2"). When the shad enter the Merrimac river system to spawn, they are most likely not in "feeding mode" but do strike instinctively on this fly pattern.

North Atlantic Krill
Materials and Recipe
Hook: Eagle Claw 3202UK #2 Aberdeen Light Wire-Gold (the gold color is essential)
Thread: 4/0 red
Wing: Imitation polar bear, goat, deer tail or other thin filament material
Eye: Med. Flourescent pink or other color bead chain
Legs: Red soft hackle
Glue: Head cement or crazy glue
Step 1
The pattern is tied as streamer, starting ¼” behind the hook eye. Make several wraps of thread on hook and form a thread pillow. The small pillow allows the fine hair to angle up over the hook shank. Next, tie in a red soft hackle feather, hackle end, splayed, about 1/4 inch in back of the pillow and return bobbin to the pillow.
Step 2
Palmer the soft hackle forward, taking several wraps to form legs, secure and trim the excess hackle at the pillow. Tie in a pair of bead chain eyes just in front of the pillow (below the hook shank) using a figure eight wrap to securely attach to the hook shank. Be sure the eyes are parallel to the hook shank and not offset to one side or other.

Step 3
To complete the shrimp, tie in a small clump(~1” long by 1/32” round) of fine imitation polar bear (or the other mentioned materials) to form the wing/shrimp back just in front of the thread bump and over the bead eyes and wrap thread loosely for several wraps before tightening up. Be sure not to extend the wing beyond the length of the hook. Dab in a bit of glue and you’re done.
RV Shad with red poly yarn head


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