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Fly Tying
The Trickster-Pogie pattern was designed to encourage impulse strikes and to serve as a very good adult menhaden (pogie) imitator. The pattern does not fish like a "Clouser" because the bead chain does not add appreciable weight and therefore, tracks upright. I developed the pattern based on the original trickster with a few minor changes to match up better with a pogie.

Materials and Recipe

  • Hook: Owner ssw-133 Red Finish or 5311-131 Black/Chrome , 3/0
  • Thread: Danville monofilament , fine
  • Body: Super Hair, SF Flash Blend in Off-White & Yellow, white deer bucktail, rainbow crystal flash
  • Head: X-cut Magnum Bunny, Yellow
  • Throat: Red Marabou or Red poly-yarn
  • Eyes: Hot Pink Bead Chain, size med.
  • Glue: Crazy glue or Zap-a-Gap
Step 1
The pattern is tied as standard streamer, starting at the eye. Take several wraps of monofilament and tie in the bead chain eyes using a figure 8 wrap pattern until the chain is secure and fix to the hook shank with crazy glue. This is an important step to insure that the fly head, when completed, is securely attached to the hook shank (note: a small amount of glue is added after each material is tied in). Start the fly by tying in ~1/16” round clump Super Hair, 2” inch long, trim and leave 1 inch behind hook bend and secure with several wraps of mono, add a small drop of glue.

Step 2

In this step, tie in a round (3/16 inch) of Off-White SF fiber about 4 inches long and flare out by pushing down. Take several wraps while gradually tightening up. Next, tie in another round (3/16 inch) of white bucktail a bit shorter than the SF fiber and flare out the hairs. Gradually tighten up wraps and add a drop of glue to hold tight in place. Be sure to leave the wraps at the hook bend.

Step 3
Next, tie in a round (1/8 inch) of Yellow SF fibers about 4 inches long and flare out by pushing down. Take several wraps while gradually tightening up. Next, tie in 10 strands of rainbow crystal flash taking care to flare out the strands. Gradually tighten up wraps. Complete the head of the fly by tying in a 3 inch long piece of X-Cut magnum Yellow bunny fur just in front of the body wing material. Carefully Palmer the bunny forward to just behind the bead eyes and tie off with several tight wraps.

Step 4
Finish the fly by tying in a small clump of red marabou (or red poly yarn) underneath and behind the bead eyes. Finish with several figure 8 wraps and tighten up. Whip or loop finish. Add several drops of glue to the wraps and coat the bead eyes with the glue to help protect them from saltwater.

That’s it!

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