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"Black Trickster"

The Black Trickster pattern was designed to be fished during the dark hours and other low light conditions. The all black construction serves well as a reasonable eel imitation. I have had tremendous success fishing this pattern just before and after first light. The pattern has proven to be an excellent go to fly out ocean-side or in the estuaries.

  • Hook:Mustad 34007ss , 3/0
  • Thread: Danville monofilament , fine
  • Body/Wing: SF Flash Blend in black and mid-night blitz, black super hair, rainbow crystal flash
  • Head: X-cut Magnum Bunny, black
  • Gill Rakes: Red Super Hair
  • Eyes: Chartreuse Bead Chain, size med.
  • Glue: Crazy glue or Zap-a-Gap
Materials and Recipe

Step 1
The pattern is tied as standard streamer, starting at the hook eye; take several wraps of monofilament working back to the hook point. Cut a 2 inch by 1/8 inch round section of black ultra hair and tie from hook point forward to eye. The ultra hair should extend ~ 1 inch beyond the hook bend. The ultra hair is used to support the wing materials and provide tracking stability. Next tie in the bead chain eyes on top of shank at the hook eye using a figure 8 wrap pattern until the bead is secure and parallel. Add a small drop of glue to figure 8 wraps.

Step 2

In this step, tie in a 5 inch long by 3/16 inch round of Black SF fiber at the hook point and extending along the hook shank forward to the eye, pushing down to flare out material. Take several wraps while gradually tightening up. Next, tie in a 4 1/2 inch long by 3/16 inch round of Midnight Blitz SF at the hook point and above the previous material, flare out the fibers and gradually tighten up wraps. Add a drop of glue to hold tight in place. To finish the body/wing section, tie in a dozen or so rainbow Krystal Flash fibers over the SF material extending the flash just beyond the ends.

Step 3
Complete the head of the fly by tying in a 4 inch long piece of X-Cut magnum black bunny fur at the hook bend. Be sure that the fur nap is facing toward the tail and Palmer forward to just behind the bead eyes, trim excess and make several wraps of monofilament until the fur is well secured. Tie a short section of red ultra hair under the shank as a throat, tie off or whip finish. Add several drops of glue to the wraps and the bead eyes (protective coating) to secure.

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